Clinics We Offer

Asthma/ Diabetes/ High Blood Pressure/ Heart Disease and Chronic Bronchitis

The doctors and nurses work together for patients with these conditions offering regular check-ups, advice and support.


The doctors and nurses provide a wide range of contraception that is free of charge. You can access emergency contraception at your local chemist for free.  Ask at reception for free condoms.

For information about intrauterine contraception IUD and IUS (coils) please click the link below:

Antenatal (Pregnancy) and Midwifery Care

Please make an appointment with your regular GP or UCH midwife on 020 3447 9567.

The midwife is here every Thursday, 1.30pm–4.30pm. to see patients who are giving birth at UCH.

Minor Surgery

Dr Ben Smith can remove minor lumps and moles.


Child Health Clinic

The Health Visitors now run the baby clinic at Bingfield Health Centre on Mondays and Wednesdays.  We offer childhood immunisation clinics on a Monday afternoon. 

Please book at reception for an appointment with the Practice Nurse.

Alcohol Counselling

A clinical nurse specialist who works at the practice on Friday afternoons.

Please ask at reception for an appointment.

Drugs Counselling

A clinical nurse specialist who works at the practice on Friday mornings.

Please ask at reception for an appointment.


Please see your GP or a nurse if you need to see a podiatrist about a foot problem. If you have been referred and have a query about your appointment telephone (020) 3316 1111. 

Patients aged over 65 can self refer, please ask reception for a referral form.

Health Advice

Do you want to stop smoking? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to improve your health?

Please make a double appointment to see one of our practice nurses or health care assistants.

Talking Therapy

iCope provides free talking therapy to adults for problems such as stress, worry, depression and insomnia.

For more information or to refer yourself visit the icope website.

You can also discuss a referral with your doctor or nurse. Referrals can also be arranged with the practice’s counsellor.